Vespucci + Segment.

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June 4, 2021

We are pleased to introduce one of the most requested features: the integration of Vespucci with Segment. We worked hard to make this integration as seamless as possible. All Vespucci features — such as advanced visualization and segmentation tools — are now available both to our API users and to those opting for integration through Segment. The Segment integration offers a new range of opportunities. Our vision with Vespucci is to automate the findings of insights through advanced models and AI so that their quality no longer depends on the one who seeks them. This allows us to put analytics tools in the hands of more people within an organization. With our Segment integration, it’s simpler than ever for you to use Vespucci. It takes only a few clicks to start using Vespucci with your data. And you don't have to add anything to your application code, so there is no need to involve the dev team.

Segment integration is available today, from your dashboard and from the Segment Catalog.

About Vespucci: Vespucci is a new kind of analytics solution designed around statistics and AI. Most analytics tools ask you to specify what you’re looking for. That’s a problem, as you’re using analytics precisely because often you’re not sure what you’re looking for! That’s why we’ve designed Vespucci. Vespucci is an unsupervised analytics solution relying on models that highlight the elements and content in your app revealing remarkable behaviours.

About Segment: Segment is a customer data platform that helps you collect, clean, and control your customer data. Using Segment, you can collect, unify, and connect your first-party to over 200 marketing, analytics, and data warehouse tools.