Vespucci. Now on iPhone.

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February 10, 2023

Last week we introduced Vespucci Live. Today we are proud to present its ultimate companion: Vespucci for iPhone.

Vespucci for iPhone allows you to be notified when our models identify a change in trend in your data. For example, you will receive a notification if Vespucci observes a change in behavior following the release of an update of your product.

But Vespucci for iPhone offers much more than that. Vespucci iPhone allows you to take your Dashboard and Stories everywhere with you. It's the best analytics experience on mobile. We have patiently considered every detail, from the most significant like our brand new mobile-friendly graphs to the smallest like the use of Taptic Engine when interacting with the app. 

Vespucci iPhone is available today, for free on the AppStore. We are excited to see you try it. Also we have a lot of new features for all our users in preparation for the next few weeks. Stay tuned!