Vespucci + Amplitude.

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January 7, 2022

Today we announce the preliminary support of Amplitude. This integration allows all Amplitude users to integrate their existing data into Vespucci in a few clicks. You just need to fill in your project id and secret key and you are ready to use Vespucci. One of the main challenges we faced when designing the integration of Amplitude into Vespucci was data normalization. In order to support our powerful funnels tool for example, we needed to be able to understand the structure of your Amplitude data. To do this we designed a visual that allows you to configure Vespucci with your own tracking data. This one is very visual and should allow you to configure Vespucci in less than 5 minutes.

The integration of Amplitude with Vespucci is a preview. Our teams are working on improving it according to your feedback. The integration of Amplitude in Vespucci is available today.