Track dimensions in the StoryFinder.

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June 22, 2021

Until today, Vespucci was built around your content. We really designed Vespucci as a scalable alternative to solutions such as Hotjar or FullStory, namely a powerful way to understand how the content your users experience shapes their experience. So our statistical models show you how a given interface element (let's say a price, a delivery time,...) affects a target behaviour (completing or abandoning an order in your app). Today we want to go further than content. There are other elements that can shape the experience of your users. That's why Vespucci 1.6 introduces dimension support in the StoryFinder. You can now determine whether elements such as the time of day, the level of engagement of your users or their locations are likely to transform their behaviour. In addition, we have revised the algorithms related to probabilistic calculations to present you with more readable results in the StoryFinder.

Finally, we have greatly improved the management of multi-windowing, it is now much easier to compare two dimensions side by side. Vespucci 1.6 featuring the new StoryFinder is available today as part of the preview program.