New, more powerful ways to specify user's actions.

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February 17, 2023

You can now qualify the values characterizing an action in a relative way. What does that mean 🧐.

Let’s consider a quick example. Imagine that you operate an online shopping app. One of the key actions of your tagging plan is adding an item to the basket. You probably want to further specify this action by specifying the price of the item. The current editor allows you to describe scenarios such as “Add item to cart with a price higher than $20”.

From today you can describe scenarios such as “adding an item to the basket for a price 50% above the average price”. That’s what we call relative stories, and its available today in Vespucci.

In addition, this week's update adds more flexibility to the UI elements section of the Insights Finder. You can now "pin" some of your UI elements as favorites. This allows you to analyze them even if they are not part of the funnel you wrote with the story editor.

Today, we're introducing new, more flexible, and more powerful ways to specify actions of your users.