Merge stories & create funnels.

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October 18, 2021

Today we are super excited to announce that it is now possible to combine multiple stories in Vespucci. Imagine you write a story based on engagement that measures the time spent on your product. You can now combine it with a story based on an action, for example. The combination is done with a few clicks, you select the two stories and then specify a logical operator to connect them. You can decide to create a story that combines two others using the "And" operator or the "Or" operator. You can also exclude a scenario with the "Not" operator.

Finally, and this is probably the feature we are most excited about, if you combine two stories based on a user journey you can now create funnels. You can specify, through a visual drag and drop interface, which story should take place before the other.

The combination of stories is a feature of Vespucci 1.9. Vespucci 1.9 is available today.