Introducing Vespucci 1.4.

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May 25, 2021

New options for managing archived data.

Vespucci 1.4 introduces new synchronization options. Until now, it was not easy to re-import usage data from a past period into Vespucci. You had to log out, log back in and reconfigure Vespucci. Vespucci allows you to retrieve past data in a few clicks. Click on the new button in the menu bar to reveal a new configuration wizard that will allow you to retrieve your data in a few clicks.

A whole new onboarding experience.

Our vision with Vespucci is to make data analysis understandable to a whole new set of people. In this perspective the first contact with Vespucci is crucial. That's why we have completely rethought the onboarding experience. We have reduced the number of steps needed to configure Vespucci and we have introduced a new "tutorial" mode. This mode takes the form of a guided tour through which we present the key features of Vespucci.

An improved experience.

Vespucci 1.4 includes many general improvements. Thanks to a new system of compression of graphic elements, Vespucci occupies up to 35% less disk space, which makes its installation even faster. In addition, the management of textual variables and special characters in the French language has been improved.

Vespucci 1.4 will be available for all our users in the Vespucci preview program tomorrow.