Introducing our new onboarding experience

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March 29, 2023

Today we are very pleased to introduce our new onboarding experience. Until now, if you wanted to integrate your product with Vespucci, you had to join a waiting list before being invited to an onboarding call with our teams to setup your data integration. This is no longer the case. You can now simply create a Vespucci account and access the dashboard directly. The dashboard then offers you a self-service experience allowing you to connect Vespucci to your existing data sources such as Segment or Amplitude. Everything is cover in our docs. And if you need help, we are of course at your disposal

This means that we can now fully dedicate our onboarding call to discovering insights in your data and not to configuring third-party integrations. 

As soon as you have configured Vespucci with a data source, we offer you a one hour consulting session dedicated to a Vespucci discovery with your own data.

The new onboarding experience is available today and its all start here.