Introducing live analytics.

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February 3, 2023

We've spent the last few months conducting dozens of interviews to better understand the challenges faced by product teams.

To assess the value these teams placed on analytics solutions, we asked them about the frequency with which they use these solutions in their organisations.

Many of them described workflow that consisted of extensive investigations on a wide range of issues such as optimizing their onboarding process or engagement.

These “rounds of investigations” take place every 6 to 8 weeks. The logic behind this planning is as follows:

(i) on the one hand, it is a demanding and time-consuming analysis exercise that the organization cannot afford to repeat on a more regular basis.

(ii) on the other hand, the results of these analyses require time to be reflected in the product anyway. They feel that they will not learn more by repeating the analysis since "nothing has changed yet".

We believe that a lot can change in 6 weeks. You can deploy an update that breaks the onboarding for certain users, competition can evolve and so can the behavior of your users.

That's why we are introducing a new way to analyze your users. From now on, powerful statistical models are executed in background 24/7.

One of our users found that the abandonment rate of his onboarding process had tripled on the iPhone SE. An update to his app had made an element of his UI difficult to access on this screen resolution. This level of granularity and responsiveness is just impossible to achieve with manual analysis.

We made a video to introduce Vespucci Live: