Introducing Cohorts support in Vespucci.

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December 17, 2021

We are super excited to announce cohort support in Vespucci. So what is a cohort? Behind this technical terminology is a very simple problem: some of our users wanted to be able to measure the impact of a TikTok campaign conducted over a very specific time interval (October 10th to 15th). Another one was organizing focus groups for his product every 3 weeks and wanted to be able to compare the behavior of these different groups with each other. It is now very easy to measure and compare the impact of these events within Vespucci. The new "timeline" widget allows you to define time ranges on which your data is then filtered. This is done in 3 clicks.

Cohorts is a feature of Vespucci 1.11. Vespucci 1.11 is available today.