Integrate Vespucci with your data warehouse.

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April 5, 2023

Today, we announce the support of Segment Reverse ETL in preview.

What is Segment Reverse ETL and what does it allow you to do ? In an attempt to simplify the concept of Reverse ETL, let's consider a quick case:

Imagine you are one of the product manager of a SaaS platform and have integrated Segment into your web portal. This integration allows you to push various events to multiple destinations, including your preferred analytics tool. However, your web portal is not your only data source. You also gather data from your Facebook campaigns, CRM, customer support services and more. This information is stored in a data warehouse and holds valuable insights. For instance, Vespucci could use customer support data to analyze how response time to an open issue affects user retention. With Segment Reverse ETL, this is now possible by following two steps:

  1. Write a query to extract the relevant data from your data warehouse and send it to Segment.
  2. Vespucci has been updated to automatically incorporate the data from Reverse ETL, so no further action is needed on your part.

By using Segment Reverse ETL, you can efficiently combine and analyze data from various sources, enabling better decision-making and an improved understanding of your users.