A new way to set up Vespucci on your Mac.

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July 29, 2021

Vespucci is a native app that you have to install on your Mac. It's an approach that helps us deliver the ultimate user experience. It allows us to push your Mac to its limits. For example, we rely on its GPU (graphics system) to accelerate operations involving parallel computing. To do this we rely on Metal, the same technology used in professional solutions such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. Another example, on compatible systems, we use the neural engine to accelerate operations involving artificial intelligence.

Not everything would have been possible if Vespucci was a website like most other data analysis solutions. However, even if it is a relatively familiar act that you are used to having to do it with programs such as Slack, Zoom and many others, we are aware that installing software on your Mac is a potential source of friction. That's the reason why we're announcing today a new way to download Vespucci and keep it up-to-date: the Mac AppStore. The Mac AppStore allows you to install Vespucci with a single click and keep it automatically updated. But that's probably not the most important thing. The security preferences of macOS have two levels. The first level, the most demanding, does not allow the installation of applications outside the AppStore. With the availability of Vespucci, in the AppStore we allow some of our users to install Vespucci without having to change their security settings.

Vespucci is available from today on the Mac App Store.