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Build Products on Facts.
Not on Guesswork.

Vespucci relies on AI and Maths to identify unexpected insights in your data.

Vespucci is an AI layer you plug on top of Amplitude that explains why things are happening in your product.

Amplitude is a powerful tool that tells you what's happening in your product through metrics and dashboards. However, we believe that it's tricky to understand why these things are happening. That's why we have created Vespucci: an AI layer that scans your data to identify what drives your users’ behaviour. No need to guess anymore

Get Answers without looking using Maths and AI models.

Most analytics tools ask you to specify what you’re looking for. Except that, you’re using analytics precisely because you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Vespucci relies on powerful mathematical models that search for insights in your data for you.

Users Funnels made simple.

Tracking a user's journey through your product can quickly become complex. Not with Vespucci. A visual editor designed around a drag and drop interface allows you to configure complex funnels in a few clicks.

    Effortless integration with Segment or Amplitude.

    You can use Vespucci with your existing data and integrations. Three clicks are enough to integrate Vespucci with Segment or Amplitude.

    Privacy is not just a slogan.

    Your users have a fundamental right to privacy. That shouldn't stop you from building better products based on first-class analytics solutions.

    Powerful segmentation tools at your fingertips.

    There are tons of tools on the market that deliver aggregated metrics about your product usage like the average time spent by your users, the average churn rate... But there are too many differences among your users for this to be truly valuable. Vespucci goes beyond aggregated metrics and relies on AI to provide segmentation tools that just work.

    Users Retention.

    The retention widget allows you to see if your users continue to use your product over time. It is presented as a graph that shows you the percentage of your installed base still active n weeks after their initial use of your product.

    Users Engagement.

    Engagement is about measuring the value your product creates for your users. There are many ways to do this but our widget focuses on the time your users spend in your product. It allows you to find out how engaging the experience you've built is.

    Users Location.

    Your users' behavior is probably not homogeneous in space. Our location widget allows you to visualize the geographical location of your users. Moreover, it allows you to easily compare and visualize geographic areas by means of heatmaps, taking into account density parameters.

    Time Based Trafic.

    We are all familiar with automobile traffic. It is the amount of car who use a section of road in a given period. It's exactly the same when measuring your product traffic. It's just the number of users using your app during the selected synchronization period.

    Users Cohorts.

    The users cohorts widget allows you to define cohorts based on temporal criteria. This visualization tool allows you to measure the impact of a campaign on social networks or a PR event and compare it with other cohorts.

    Turn your data into value.

    Create an account in just a few minutes. We support most of the technologies on the market. So you can integrate Vespucci with an iOS app developed in Swift or Objective-C, an Android app developed in Java or Kotlin. We also support ReactNative or Ionic projects.

    Custom Volume
    Monthly Active Users
    up to 100k
    up to 1M
    Actions Tracked (/mo)
    Data Retention
    30 days
    180 days
    Advanced ML