The InsightFinder uses statistical models to help you identify content of interest. In other words, the InsightFinder helps you complete the third and fourth blocks of the story editor. The InsightFinder can be accessed from the toolbar using the "brain" icon. You can also reveal the InsightFinder from the main view by dragging with two fingers on your trackpad or magic mouse.

The InsightFinder is divided into two sections. The first one helps you to identify the content (block 3) likely to influence the described behaviour while the second one helps you to specify the value taken by this content element (block 4).

Behavioural driver

The first section of the InsightFinder lists all content that may influence the described behaviour. For each of these content, our models assign a coefficient. The higher the coefficient, the more likely it is that this element will explain the described behaviour.

Content Values

The second section of the InsightFinder presents the values taken by the elements listed in the first section of the StoryFinder. It is organised in three frames. The first frame presents the probability of performing the target action knowing the different values taken by the content item.
The second frame presents the time spent by the user on the original view knowing the different values taken by the content item. The third frame presents the path adopted by the user in your product according to the different values taken by the content item.

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