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Create a Project

A Project must be assimilated to a mobile app or a website on a given platform. Currently, Vespucci allows the creation of projects on the following platforms:

1. First of all, you must go to your Vespucci Dashboard. You can open the Dashboard here. If you don't have a Vespucci user account yet, simply click on "Signup now" at the bottom of the login window. After creating your user account, a wizard will guide you through the creation of your first project.

If you already have a Vespucci user account, you can log in and create a new project using the "Your Active Projects" section as shown in the screenshot below.

2. You are then asked to specify a name for your project and the DataPipe you want to use. For the API, select one of the available platforms. For the Segment pipe simply specify "Segment Destination" regardless of the platform.

3. Finally, you need to configure the "Tracking Method". If you are creating a project using the DataPipe API, we strongly recommend that you select the "Action Based Tracking" option. If you are using Segment, we invite you to consult  this section of our documentation to help you make your choice

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