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How to integrate ?

How to integrate your Product with Vespucci ?

We have broken down the integration of Vespucci into your Product into four key steps. It sounds long and tedious but in reality it is quite fast and the configuration wizards built into the dashboard automate many of the steps described in this document.

Let's first make a short summary of these steps before describing them in more detail. It always helps to know where you set foot, doesn't it ? Let's start with the blocks Project and DataPipe. The project is a direct analogy of your product. The DataPipe is the "pipe" through which you will send your project data (i.e. from your product) to the Vespucci servers. We associate to Projects and DataPipes a characteristic element:

  • Each project has a Context. This Context consists in specifying the context data (ip address, device manufacturer) that you want to collect when integrating Vespucci into your product. Don't panic, this step is fully automated and after configuration, Vespucci will automatically generate a file in the programming language of your choice that you will just have to drag and drop into your favourite IDE.
  • A DataPipe is used to transit a DataLayer. This DataLayer serves as a vehicle for the data you want to track.

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