Connect your Segment Source

Using Vespucci hand in hand with Segment makes its integration incredibly fast. It takes only 3 steps to start using Vespucci with your data. You don't have to add anything to your product code so you don't have to involve your dev team.

Step 1. Copy the API key associated with your Vespucci project (it appears in the "Your Active Projects" section). Then, go to your Segment Dashboard.

Step 2. On your Segment Dashboard, from the Destinations Catalog page in the Segment product, click Add Destination. Search for Vespucci in the Destinations Catalog, and select the Vespucci destination.

Step 3. Choose which Source should send data to the Vespucci destination. Enter the API Key in the Vespucci destination settings in Segment. This is the API key you noted in Step 1.

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