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A Guided Tour

How are you? Are you there? If you have followed this guide you should have Vespucci installed on your Mac. Now let's take a quick tour of the software together. We can distinguish 4 main blocks in Vespucci. The first one is the StoryEditor. The StoryEditor (1) consists of a visual editor that allows you to describe a valuable behaviour to the computer. Based on this description Vespucci will identify some of its key drivers through the StoryFinder. The StoryFinder (2) is Vespucci’s second block. It’s a statistical tool designed in two parts. The first one allows you to identify the elements shaping the behavior while the second one qualifies this element by identifying the values of interest that it takes. Finally, the left column contains what we call Dimensions (3). The dimensions consist of socio-demographic criteria such as geographical location, language settings, retention profile, time of day,... allowing you to get a better idea of your user. Finally, the last important block of Vespucci is its Synchronization System (4). It is him which allows us to carry out certain operations of calculations to you. That's it for this quick tour of the owner. To learn more about it, don't hesitate to click on the links associated to each of them.

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